EHPAD, EPN et résidence étudiante Paris

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Paris Habitat



6 980 m² SU

1 509 m² SU

5 247 m² SU

270 m² SU

15 528 000 € HT

Concours (Loi MOP) en janvier 2007

Base + H&E

Livré en mars 2011

Paris - FR

Rue de l'Amiral Mouchez - 52 logements, EHPAD, résidence étudiante et équipement public de proximité - Paris

In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, near the Parc Montsouris, public housing office Paris Habitat manages the Amiral-Mouchez complex, comprising 15 social housing apartment blocks,from 4 to 12 floors high, spread over a vast green area. The role of the architects was to increase the densification of this urban enclave and rework the neglected spaces between each building.

There were three different projects: a retirement home for 100 elderly people, to be inserted between two tower blocks, reshaping the urban facade of the new pedestrian throughway along the Rue des Longues-Raies; 52 housing units for students, situated partly on the first 6 half-floors of a 13-floor tower block and the rest in a new extension, also running along the Rue des Longues-Raies; a neighborhood digital hub, detached from the surrounding buildings and quite different in spirit to the reigning orthogonal morphology of the architectural context.

Flint's decision to clearly voice each specific element of the program in their designs, paying equal attention to function and form, was the decisive factor in their winning the competition. Theretirement home rises above a base of transparent glass and translucent Reglit, and is wrapped in a coat of white enamelled bricks, interspersed with tall vertical windows framed inburnished copper. This golden hue is echoed across the gable end of the student accommodation in the copper and aluminum alloy of the diamond-shaped scales forming its outer cladding.

The digital hub situated on Rue Amiral-Mouchez is part work of architecture, part urban furnishing. It is designed as a solitary element, and its size befits the scale of the public space ontowhich it opens. It is clad in wooden latticework and stands out against the surrounding apartment blocks, adding a touch of genial singularity where the two main streets meet, with itsclean lines and slanting facades.

Maître d'ouvrage : Paris Habitat

Architecte : Flint

BET : Cotect

Surface totale : 6 980 m² SU

Surface logements : 1 509 m² SU

Surface EHPAD : 5 247 m² SU

Surface EPN : 270 m² SU

Montant des travaux : 15 528 000 € HT

Procédure : Concours (Loi MOP) en janvier 2007

Mission : Base + H&E

Calendrier : Livré en mars 2011

Localisation : Paris - FR

Rue de l'Amiral Mouchez - 52 logements, EHPAD, résidence étudiante et équipement public de proximité - Paris